Environmental type

  • Be careful choosing plans or packages that are environmentally responsible and showing an attitude in keeping with the local community.
  • Do not buy or sell animals and plants, or products derived therefrom which are protected by Colombian legislation without having the respective permissions.
  • Carefully dispose of their trash, recycle whenever possible, reuse your bottles and say no to plastic bags.
  • During the development of the activity do not throw garbage, cans, glass, or pollutants. Pick up garbage, glass, etc., and place them in appropriate places or bury them.
  • If you can bring back the waste; We have a management program to properly dispose of them.
  • Help us spread the responsible behaviour and become a sustainable tourist, explaining to friends and colleagues about it.
  • Birds and other animals, flowers and fruits for their survival, please need to preserve them.
  • Respect and preserve flora and fauna belonging to the landscapes and natural environments of each route and path, as well as each and every of the elements and the natural and cultural heritage of the same goods.
  • Report to the respective authorities, any activity that third persons against the protection and conservation of landscapes and natural environments of routes and trails.
  • The marketing of animal species or plant medicine is prohibited by law or that do not have permits or licenses granted by the environmental authorities pursuant to law 17 of 1981. Law 1453 2011 article 29. Illicit exploitation of renewable natural resources. Trafficking in species.
  • If they need to fire in a forest, use burners to cook but do it small and protected with stones, in an area without trees, wood or grass, better still, in the specially prepared for this purpose. Take care to personally turn off the fire and embers before exiting.


  • When you visit places and activities of cultural interest such as festivities anniversary, museums, religious demonstrations, parades, etc. Please keep respectful and prudent behavior against the community and the activities in which it participates.
  • Note the regional culture and try to interact avoiding culture shock and respecting the customs of our region.
  • PLEASE refrain from giving alms to people and street children.
  • Be responsible with your sexuality, law 679 of 2001 expressly prohibits the exploitation and sexual abuse with minors and punishment with imprisonment.
  • Do not stimulate the consumption and trafficking of drugs.
  • Do not smoke tobacco in public places, do it in areas designated for that purpose.
  • He is recommended to have a respectful and preferential treatment to children, older adults, people with disabilities and pregnant women.
  • It is forbidden the carrying and use of firearms and short sharp.
  • The consumption and use of psychoactive substances is prohibited.
  • In application of the Law 397 of 1997, we recommend you refrain from illicit traffic in cultural property.
  • We ask you to fill out the evaluation of our service. Their views represent a great contribution to improve our activity.
  • For non-resident travellers in Colombia.
  • If you are out of the country, works of art or cultural property at any time, you must apply for the export authorisation to the competent authorities:
  • Ministry of culture, Directorate of heritage for all types of cultural property. general archive of the nation if it is real documents, Colombian Institute of anthropology and history, for the archaeological heritage replica,

Economic type

  • Support the regional culture, buy products, arts and local crafts.
  • Not contribute to the illegality, (accommodations and operators who do not comply with the legal requirements). Required by the respective registry, and national tourism registry documents.
  • Any additional services will be charged to your account.